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man getting medical ear exam at clinic.

Ear Wax Removal Coventry

At the Ear Wax Specialist , we pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer care and satisfaction, and use the latest state of the art equipment in helping our patients with their ear-related issues.

All our practitioners go through extensive training and have at least 10 years of ENT microsuction experience to deal with even the most difficult cases of impacted cerumen. All practitioners are insured and qualified in providing safe ear wax treatment and removal.

We provide all four methods of earwax removal be it manual extraction, water irrigation, microsuction or the new endoscopic microsuction procedure rest assured we will choose the most appropriate and safest method for extraction.

To book an appointment:

Please call us on 0121 369 0780 or email us at

For more information please visit our website:

Ear Wax Specialists
Ear Wax Specialists
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