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Joint Pain Treatment

Kris Szelag is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and has also been a member of the Health and Care Professions Council since 2017.

His incredible interpersonal skills and great attention to detail take his work to a whole new level. Looking at different segments of people's lives, he is able to provide an individual approach and tailor the healing methods needed for each patient at a time.

Kris believes that our emotional body affects our physical body, so he helps to identify stressors as well as daily habits that potentially contribute to his client's pain or injury.

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Kris Szelag
HCPC Registered

Understanding his patient's needs, Kris quickly adapts and uses the most suitable techniques to relieve not only the symptoms but also eliminate the cause.

Conditions he can help with:

*Pain   *Arthritis   *Plantar fasciitis   *Achilles tendonitis   *Tennis/golfers’ elbow *Postural disorders   

*Post-op and post-traumatic weaknesses *Pins and needles, numbness in the lower and upper limbs 

*Headaches/migraines   *Discopathy  *Scoliosis *Developmental delays *Post stroke

Kris is an experienced physiotherapist and pays great attention to the hip joints, pelvis and its position in relation to the spine and lower limbs, because it is the foundation of our body. 

In therapy, he uses: Chinese cupping, massage, post-isometric relaxation, kinesiotaping, kinesiotherapy, needle therapy, lymphatic drainage, electrostimulation and manual therapy.

Physiotherapy in children:

Kris will help develop and maintain or restore the child's maximum and correct motor and functional ability. 

He will make slight modifications to the child's posture and movements, allowing the child to fully recover from injuries and adapt the body to handle intensive activities during periods of accelerated growth when not all muscles, joints, or tendons are prepared for maximum exertion.

For children, from 1 year upwards he can help with problems such as:


*Childhood cerebral palsy   *Posture defects – scoliosis, scheuermann, foot defects, valgus/varus knees, flat feet  * Voltage asymmetries  *Growing pains  *Autism  *Sports injuries  * Epilepsy  *Down syndrome

Physiotherapy for school boy , Children Poor Posture Correction, Scoliosis examination . K

Please feel free to contact Kris if you have any queries:

Mobile: 07719189707



HCPC number  PH111045

Coventry Osteopaths
Customer Reviews

I had never tried Osteopathic treatment before but I'm so glad I went to this clinic. Ongoing treatment by Lewis in recent weeks after suffering the most awful pain in an injury to my lower back that I didn't seem to be recovering from. Everything has been explained to me about my injury, the treatment and how to get moving again, slowly but surely improving. I've learnt a lot from Lewis, have been treated with respect and reassured and so would highly recommend the clinic.

~ Joan
Google Reviews

I have seen Paige, James and Viv over the years with lower back and hip problems. Very friendly professional service with long term stretching and exercise regimes given, even if I am useless at keeping to them!

~ Richard C 
Google Reviews
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